If the Cup Fits


When shopping for a new bra, do you make a beeline for the same band and cup size every time? Have you bought a bra, only to bring it home and realize that it doesn’t fit quite right?

Times have changed–these days, not all bras are created equal. We can no longer snatch up every 36C in the store and trust they’ll all fit without a visit to the dressing room.  Just like your jean size might range from 10 to 16 depending on the brand, your bra size is bound to vary. Sizes run differently by style and by brand–and for most ladies out there, the process of finding the right bra can be very confusing.

Take this example: the same woman can wear a FF cup in an Elomi bra, but an H cup in Goddess. And did you know that a 36A is basically the same thing as a 34B? In bra fitting, there no absolutes, which can make a confusing process downright frustrating!

So what is a woman to do? The answer is actually simple: get a professional bra fitting! Professional bra fitters like the ones at Lady Grace specialize in bras–they know their inventory top to bottom, and will be able to pluck just the right options for you to try from the daunting racks. The truth is, maybe there are only a few bras in the entire store that are perfect for your body–and these ladies will help you find them.

If you’ve never had one, you might be wondering what a real live bra fitting is like. (Is is awkward? How many bras am I going to have to try on? Does it really work?) Stay tuned for a guest blog post by a Lady Grace customer on her very first bra fitting!

2 thoughts on “If the Cup Fits

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