Guest Post ~ My Lady Grace Bra Fitting

Many thanks to Evelyn T., guest blogger and Lady Grace customer, for sharing her story about her first bra fitting! If you’d like to share your story, email!


Walking into Lady Grace for my first bra fitting was an exciting and intimidating process. Bra shopping has been a source of anxiety and stress for me. Despite my small stature, I am a 32DDD (or at least I thought I was before my fitting!) and have long suffered from pain due to the wrong cup, bra, or band size. After years of struggling to find a proper bra, I decided that I needed to get professional help. All of my online sources directed me to Lady Grace.

As I entered Lady Grace’s Brookline, MA location, I was greeted by a welcoming display of pajamas and loungewear. The bras, panties and other intimates were located towards the back of the store.I felt relieved not to be bombarded by mannequins in thongs or suggestive images. I breathed a sigh of relief, and began to think that this could actually be fun.

I was greeted by a smiling sales associate. Lisa, like all of the employees at Lady Grace, doesn’t just know the merchandise–she’s an expert bra fitter. Lisa began by asking me simple questions: what bra size I wear, what bra style I typically choose, and what I was searching for today. I told her that I was looking for a bra that supported me and relieved my pain, but still allowed me to feel young.

After guiding me to a clean and bright fitting area and dressing room, Lisa first asked to see how the bra I was currently wearing fit me. After expertly sizing up my current bra status, she went back to the racks to grab a large assortment of different sizes and styles. I tried on a number of different bras. Lisa quickly evaluated each, determining how each bra fit my body.

I began the day wearing a 32DDD. After trying on only three bras under Lisa’s inspection, it became clear that my band size ranges from 32-34, and cup from C-DD.

Once we determined my true size (or size range, to be exact), Lisa helped me try on all different styles of bras. I tried on brands that I knew I liked, such as Chantelle and Wacoal. Lisa also brought me styles I never would have tried on my own, like Elomi and Elila. Lisa was very patient as I made my way through the pile of bras.


With Lisa’s expert help, I found a beautiful Chantelle bra that made me feel age-appropriate and sexy in a way that other intimates stores had failed to do. I left Lady Grace feeling happy, with my faith renewed that the right bras for me did actually exist–I just needed a bit of help finding them!

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