Retro Styling in Modern Lingerie

When it comes to current fashion, what’s old is new. Look around. Men are sporting dashing, streamlined suits. Vintage “geek-chic” glasses can be spotted all around town. Handbags have become small and dainty and oh-so-ladylike. Attribute it to the hit show Mad Men, the cultural climate…whatever it may be, “retromania” is here, and you can see it in our underwear. (Literally.) Check out 5 retro-fabulous styles that you can find at Lady Grace, and be feeling nostalgic in no time.

Flexees 90th Anniversary “Wear Your Own Bra” Full Slip


This “WYOB” style has smashing vintage appeal–not to mention it provides great tummy, side and back shaping. This throwback style allows you to slim and shape while wearing your own bra–so you don’t have to give up perfection up top to attain great shaping down below.  Detachable garter straps really take this one back in time, in all the right ways.

Wacoal Retro Chic Full Figure Underwire Bra


This bra brings a modern twist to vintage lines and styling. The lace overlay with bow and rhinestone detail add those feminine touches of yesteryear, while maintaining the great support and technology of today.

Exquisite Form Longline Softcup Bra


If you are searching for a true vintage look, this longline bra is the real deal. With seamed 3-section cups, strap pads and soft cotton/poly fabric, this bra looks like it stepped out of a 1950’s lingerie ad. Provides a smooth look under your favorite 50’s-style dresses!

Shadowline Stretch Lace Bodice Gown


Hello, Betty Draper! While pajama pants and T’s may be the current bedtime dress code, fashion of the past was more formal. Why not dress for bed? This stretch gown has gorgeous lace detail and a sweeping skirt, but it couldn’t be more comfortable. (You have our permission to skip the makeup and curlers.)

Va Bien High-Waist Panty Girdle


Let’s face it. Today’s Spanx are yesterday’s girdle. Women always need a little help shaping and controlling those problem areas, no matter what decade. This style is highly comfortable, with satin paneling that’ll smooth away any lumps and bumps.

2 thoughts on “Retro Styling in Modern Lingerie

  1. Call me old fashioned but I wear a panty girdle everyday. It gives me the feminine shaping that I love to have. I also wear panties underneath.

  2. Nothing wrong with old fashioned! Having that great foundation under your clothes makes everything look better, and it can make you feel more pulled together, too. The women back in the day knew what they were doing 🙂

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