Body Image 101: Getting over our need to fit into a certain size


In today’s culture of sexualized advertising and size distortion, it’s understandable that many women feel they’re in a world that just wasn’t made for them, or their curves.

We all know the pressures of comparing ourselves to the images in magazines. It’s hard enough to flip past pages of rail-thin models, but then we browse the racks at the department store, and the sizes have us doing a double-take. (“This is a size ten? I can’t fit one leg into these jeans!”)

How often have you found yourself trying to squeeze into a size that you know is “supposed” to work for you, just to satisfy your desire to button into a specific number? Don’t be ashamed if you can relate, because most of us do!

Our minds work in a funny way. Most of us are happy to switch to a more supportive shoe, and are fine with trading in the old shampoo for more hydrating formula. But when it comes to clothing size, we dig in our heels.

Let’s allow ourselves to disconnect the size on the label from our identity! The number on the tag doesn’t matter. Whether its jeans or dresses, bathing suits or bras, remember that size is the least important part of the process. Clothes shopping is about looking good and feeling great. (And we all know that being stuffed into jeans or spilling out of a bra doesn’t accomplish either.) No one is going to see the tag, so you may as well cut it right off. They’re going to see you—so why not look your best? (If you do, you’re guaranteed to feel even better.)

One thought on “Body Image 101: Getting over our need to fit into a certain size

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