Tips for Shopping for a Bathing Suit Online


That time of year is almost here…bathing suit season! (Were those cheers or groans we hear?)

Bathing suits are notoriously difficult to shop for. With the popularity of online shopping, it is very tempting to stay at home and forgo the dressing room experience. But getting the perfect bathing suit delivered to your door is a tall order.

Even if you’ve been dutiful enough to take your exact measurements, the sizing charts can be confusing. (What if you’re one size in the hips, and another in the bust?) How elastic is the fabric? Will this cut account for your unusually long torso? It doesn’t help that most styles are displayed by thin, airbrushed models. Sure, they look great in that suit…but how will it look on a real figure?

We understand that many women prefer to buy their swimwear online. Online shopping is a great resource if you’re a hard-to-find size, live too far from a store location, or just enjoy the convenience of buying from home. So, if you’re getting geared up for summer and are starting to surf the web, here are a few tips:

1) Do some research on the brand and style before you click the “Buy.” Some manufacturers will provide information on whether a bathing suit runs big, small or true to size. And be sure to check out the product reviews. Online shoppers devote a lot of time to sharing their experience so you don’t make the same mistakes they did.

2) Order 2 or 3 sizes of the same style. Yes, you’re committing yourself to a trip to the post office and perhaps a bit of return postage, but you’re much more likely to end up with a suit that fits the way you want it to.

3) Don’t rely on your street size to dictate your bathing suit size. Many women wear a bathing suit that is 1 to 3 sizes larger than their street size. Bathing suits generally don’t provide a lot of forgiveness. You’ll look and feel much better in a larger size that does not cut in and create lumps where they’re really aren’t any!

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If online swimsuit shopping is still tripping you up, go to the store and try things on. Lady Grace has a huge in-store selection of bathing suits in all styles and trends, not to mention lots of cute cover-ups to choose from. Our staff can help you pick out a bathing suit that will highlight your assets and make the flaws feel rather flawless.

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