Spring Cleaning Part 1: When to Retire Your Bras

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What’s the first clue that spring is on its way? It isn’t the balmy temps or the sweet smell in the air…it’s the fashion!

Spring is the time to embrace color and begin to shed those heavy layers. Updating your wardrobe (including bras, panties and PJs) with bright alternatives is a great way to embrace a season of new beginnings. Because spring is one of the most popular times to re-stock our wardrobes, it is also this time of year that our closets start to burst at the seams.


In the spirit of Spring Cleaning, we’ve created a list of tips that will help you sort through your lingerie drawer and clear out space for a fresh new season.

You know it is time to retire a bra from your wardrobe when:

  • The elastic has worn out.
  • The underwire is popping out or is broken.
  • There is a hole (or holes!) in your bra.
  • The molded cups have lost their shape. They may appear puckered or have divots.
  • It is faded or stained.
  • The hooks are broken or close to ripping out.
  • You purchased it several years ago.


Divide your retired bras into “Donate” and “Toss” piles.

  • Donate items that are in good condition. Straps and clasps should be functional; no glaring stains, rips, flaws. It is OK if they are past their prime, but should be wearable. Use your best judgment.
  •  Donate bras in good condition to a local women’s shelter, or visit The Bra Recyclers (http://www.brarecycling.com/) for information about how you can donate your bras and support women all over the world.
  • Toss bras that are beyond repair…you can say “sayonara” knowing that they served you and your chest well!

Coming soon: Spring Cleaning Part 2: When to Retire Your Underwear

3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Part 1: When to Retire Your Bras

  1. Say goodby to bras that have lost their original colors. The white bras.are now a light tan and the beige bras are turning white. The bra straps are being sewed again. Goodby farewell old bras!

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