Spotlight On Wire-Free Bras

Today is the first in our Spotlight On blog series! There are so many different styles of bras out there, we’re often left wondering what the differences are, and which bra is best-suited for our shape and needs. Today is all about Wire-Free bras. Never gone without a wire? Read on!


Have you been craving the comfort of a bra without wires, but are unsure of how to approach wire-free? Given the proper fit, a wire free bra is just as supportive as a typical underwire bra. It is a common misconception that only women with smaller band and cup sizes can wear wire-free bras. In reality, any woman can wear one! As long as you are wearing the right size and style, you will be supported and jiggle-free.


The support in a wire-free bra comes from the bottom band and the straps. The band of a wire-free bra is wider and the straps are firmer. The fabric is also firmer than what you’ll find in an underwire–this is to compensate the absence of the support that a wire provides.

There are many benefits to wire-free bras, the biggest being comfort. Playtex’s popular 18-Hour bras are wire-free, and will keep you sailing comfortably through even the longest days. Wire-free bras are more flexible and even can last longer than an underwire. And you’ll never trip-off the security system in the airport again! (We’ve heard plenty of stories about ladies who have gone through this!)

If you have a fuller figure, you shouldn’t be afraid to leave the comfort of an underwire bra. With the right fit and style for your shape, you can feel quite comfortable and supported, wire-free!Next time you go for a bra fitting, you may want to give wire-free a chance. This may even become your favorite type of bra.

One thought on “Spotlight On Wire-Free Bras

  1. I usually wear just wire free bras. I wear a size 38A and with breast enhancers I go a little risque and wear a 38C. . . The selection of nonwire bras in cups sizes of C or larger is slim.

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