Spring Cleaning Part 2: When to Pitch Your Panties

More than anything, panties are a staple in our daily wardrobe. But since underwear is generally for our eyes only,  we tend to be more lenient with our standards for their condition. (How often have you noticed a small tear or stain, but  shrugged and popped them back in the underwear drawer?)


It’s time to toss your panties when:

1.) They do not fit. Saggy underwear won’t do anything for your booty or your confidence. T00-tight underwear can contribute to muffin tops and give you a VPL (visible panty line).

2.) The lace has begun to rip or form holes. Lace underwear has a shorter lifespan than its cotton alternative, so don’t expect it to last as long as your cotton or nylon undies.

3.) The elastic becomes puckered or loose. When the elastic begins to lose its bounce-back, it is time to toss.

4.) It is stained (from that time of the month or for any reason.)

5.) There are holes. If you’d be embarrassed if anyone else saw the condition of your panties, give ’em the boot!

6.) You haven’t worn them in three months (unless they are special occasion panties). If you rarely wear a pair, it probably means there is something about them that doesn’t work–too tight, too loose, too itchy, too something.

7.) They remind you of an ex. If a pair of panties reminds you of an old relationship or bad breakup, they need to go. Underwear should make you feel comfortable, clean and beautiful–no negative connotations!2010-01-01 00.00.00-29

In our Spring Cleaning Part One blog, we outlined the rules for bra donation. When it comes to used panties, donating is a no-no. Brand new is the way to go if you want to donate to a women’s shelter. You may have a few pairs that you’ve never worn with the tags still on. Or, drop down to your local store and pick up some fresh ones.


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Part 2: When to Pitch Your Panties

  1. I think many of us including myself have pair of panties that we like better than others which results in more wearing and of course more laundering… One day at home,, I had on “Old Faithful” and the elastic waistband gave out! Too much laundering! Before I knew it , my panties were on the floor and I tripped and almost fell!

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