Read those product reviews…and write them, too!

*Check out this review of the Elomi Rita Banded Underwire Bra and Full Coverage brief –thanks to Amber, Scarlet’s Letter blogger, and winner of our first blog giveaway!*


In our recent bathing suit blog we mentioned the importance of utilizing product reviews when shopping online. When shopping the old-fashioned way in-store, you have the opportunity to try on a product before you buy. Not only can you find the proper size, but you can also draw some higher-level conclusions about a product by feeling the fabric, checking out the seams/construction and visualizing the color.

We’re at a disadvantage when it comes to online shopping–but no way are we giving it up! One of the best tools at our disposal is product reviews. By nature, shoppers who take the time to write product reviews are dedicated to sharing their opinion and helping others, and their reviews are most often thoughtful and detailed. Product reviews can:

– Help you decide whether or not to purchase an item

– Aid in determining which size you should select

–  Provide extra product details that the website description does not include

– Convince you that you need more information, and should try to locate the product in-store

It takes time to read through multiple reviews to get a balanced idea–some reviews can be quite polarized in one direction or another. However if a general consensus among the reviews emerges, you can probably feel confident in allowing that opinion some weight.

Remember–the Lady Grace website contains hundreds of product reviews, and it is simple to contribute a review of your own! Simply find any style that you own or have tried, and click the “Write an online review” link–we appreciate it, and so do your fellow shoppers!

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