Spotlight on Strapless Bras

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A good strapless bra is a necessary staple in every woman’s lingerie drawer. With warm temps on their way, we’ll soon be airing out our strappy tanks, halter-tops and one-shoulder numbers. To rock the look, you need a strapless on stand-by—peek-a-boo bra straps just won’t do!  But whether you are an A-cup or N-cup, strapless bra shopping is no easy task. The main downsides of wearing the wrong strapless bra are:

1) The Yank Factor. Yes, you know it and you’ve done it. An ill-fitting strapless bra will spend the day shimmying down your chest till it is nearly around your waist.

2) The Sag Factor. If your strapless doesn’t fit correctly, it will flatten you and make you look saggy. No thank you!

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Many women attempt to solve these issues by going down in the band size, assuming that a tighter band will keep the bra in place. This is a common misconception.  Strapless bras should never be purchased in a size or band width lower than what you typically wear. This will simply make the bra too tight, and may make the cup size too big.

The factors that go into a well-fitted strapless bra are just as varied as those for your regular bra. We tend to over-focus on the band, forgetting that the right fit comes from a myriad of other factors  such as cup shape, wire style, fabric and more. Strapless bras come in underwire, wire-free, push-up, and even minimizing options! And some of these options will work better for you than others.


For each style that you try, bring two band sizes and two cup sizes into the fitting room with you. If you feel overwhelmed, ask a sales associate for assistance! When buying a strapless bra, a well-trained sales associate will become your best friend. They will have more knowledge as to which brands run big or small and what brands are more flattering for the way your breasts are shaped. The correct strapless bra will lift you and give your breasts a beautiful shape in any dress or shoulder-baring top.

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