All About Maternity Bras


Thanks to Princess Kate, Kim Kardashian and most recently Halle Berry, sporting a baby bump has never been more en vogue. So much of the focus during pregnancy is on the belly, it is easy to forget about those other things growing on your front side–your breasts!

Breasts begin to change as early as conception. Of the many changes that you might experience, a number of them will affect your bra size and requirements. Your breasts will grow and become more sensitive, and your back and side/flank tissue might grow fuller as well. These changes will vary from woman to woman, and will also vary depending on whether this is your first pregnancy. Any breast changes should be accounted for with a new bra, and the proper maternity bra (worn regularly) will also help reduce stretch marks—just another reason to wear one!

What to Look for in a Maternity Bra

  • A maternity bra is similar to a regular bra, but with special features that  make it friendly to your changing shape.
  • Maternity bras are generally made of stretchier fabrics that are part spandex, giving you room to grow.
  • Many women find underwire to be uncomfortable during pregnancy, so most maternity options are wireless.
  • Maternity bras often come with extra hook-and-eyes on the back, allowing for added expandability. We suggest that you purchase a maternity bra around your fourth month of pregnancy. At that point, the bra should fit  on the tightest hook—with plenty of room to loosen the band over the next five months.

Keep in mind—a bra does not have to be marketed as a maternity bra for it to work well during pregnancy. Many maternity bras also double as nursing bras, and some leisure bras may also be able to fill your maternity needs.  Lots of wireless styles have stretch cups to accommodate growth, and you can also purchase handy bra band extenders to add extra band width onto any bra. Click on the Bravado! maternity bras below for more details, and check out all of our nursing/maternity bra options!


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