Perfecting Your Look with Bra Accessories


June has arrived, and that means celebrations around every corner! With graduations, proms, and weddings, it’s not uncommon for every weekend of the month to be packed with special occasions. Getting dressed up is fun, but it can also be stressful. How many times have you ended up running late due to a last minute wardrobe malfunction?  Check out 5 common last-minute outfit blunders that are easily solved with a simple and inexpensive undergarment accessory!

Wardrobe Malfunction #1: “The neckline on my dress is  low, and I’m worried ‘the girls’ might pop out!”

Accessory Solution: Keep some handy Braza clothing tape on hand at all times! This double-sided tape is easy to adhere to clothing, and keeps everything snug and in place. Works wonders with deep plunge necklines, open sided dresses, halter tops and more. Remove easily and without damage to fabric. Available in pre-cut sections or full rolls.

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Wardrobe Malfunction # 2: “My nipples are showing through the fabric of my dress! Do you think people are going to notice?”

Accessory Solution: Braza Petal tops! These thin covers are designed to adhere comfortably over the nipple area, preventing show-through. An inexpensive trick that comes in handy when you’re look is almost there, and you just need that added level of comfort before you leave home. Available in two sizes; fabric and silicone options.


Wardrobe Malfunction #3: “None of my bras work with the cut of my dress, and I have to leave the house in ten minutes–what am I going to do?”

Accessory Solution: With some dresses (specifically low-cut, low-back numbers) even a strapless bra just won’t do. This is when Fashion Forms adhesive bras come in mighty handy. Their backless bras feature adhesive that sticks to your skin, eliminating the band. Easy to remove and reusable! If you’re not keen on skin adhesives, try the Peel n’ Stick Triangle cups–these reusable foam cups adhere to your clothing, so they’re similar to sewn-in cups, but in a pinch!

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Wardrobe Malfunction #4:I can’t get rid of the VPL (visible panty line) in these pants! Even with a thong.”

Accessory Solution: Try some Nundies! You may not have heard of these, but Nundies can be great in emergency VPL situations. They’re a one-time use disposable panty that adheres to your pant inseam. Nundies are made of soft fabric that’s as comfy as underwear (not papery or harsh) but take up less space. The best way to eliminate panty lines without going without underwear completely.


Wardrobe Malfunction #5:I can’t keep my bra straps from creeping out from under my tank, and I don’t want to go strapless.”

Accessory Solution: We’ve got strap solutions! These strap connectors are a great way to keep straps from sliding, and also to change the shape of your straps–allowing you to wear halter and other tank styles in comfort. There can be a time and a place for visible bra straps, but on dressy occasions, it is best to keep your straps under wraps!

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