Spotlight on Minimizer Bras

Minimizer bras are engineered to help women who want to reduce the appearance of their bust. While it is the most popular type of bra for women who fit over a D cup, almost anyone can wear a minimizer! Believe it or not, minimizer bras can be an excellent choice for women with a B-cup or larger.

Rather than lifting your breasts up and forward like a typical bra, a minimizer bra redistributes your breast tissue towards the sides. This reduces overall bust “projection.” Minimizer bras can be worn daily as your everyday bra,if you choose to, and they come in a wide selection of colors and styles–you can even get a seamless minimizer.

Minimizer bras work wonders for women who simply want their chest to appear smaller. They’re also very handy for solving a variety of wardrobe issues. For example, do you have a dress that fits you perfectly, except for in the bust? We’ve all dealt with annoying pulling and gaping when the chest area of a garment is a bit too snug. Slap on your minimizer, and that nearly-perfect dress now fits you like a glove! No need to run to the store to buy another dress–the minimizer bra saves the day.

For the very best minimizing results, choose a style with straps. Strapless minimizers are available if you need to reduce projection in a strapless outfit, however they won’t provide as much reduction. Strapless minimizers often come with convertible straps, giving you the option for a halter, demi or criss-cross neckline–allowing one bra to function with many different outfits with optimal reduction.


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