If your bra could talk…

Ever wonder what your bra would tell you, if it had the power of speech?

“Dear Eli” is a fun blog written by the team at Elila. (You remember our great selection of Elila’s gorgeous full figure bras and panties.) This blog is unique because it is written from the perspective of our lingerie! Not only is it an enjoyable read, but it also contains tons of useful fit tips and facts that will help you get the most out of your intimate apparel.

Click here to visit the “Dear Eli” blog



2 thoughts on “If your bra could talk…

  1. You have lovely bras. I would like to purchase them, but I wear a 46 D – recently had myself sized. This seems to be an almost impossible size to find – including here. Help!!!

    • Hi Patricia,

      Thanks for visiting our blog! While many retailers may not carry size 46D, Lady Grace certainly does! We have many options in your size. There is a “search by size” feature on our homepage, which directs you to all bra styles available in your size. The link below will take you to all of our 46D options. Thanks, and happy browsing!


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